Monday, March 8, 2010

Push Pins- Before & After Part 1

This week I am going to begin a new series. I really enjoyed the series on Fabric & Your Big Shot that I ran last week, and I have a few interesting tips for you this week that are sort of connected. Before long you will call me a "serial poster". LOL

I am going to call this series Before & After. This series of posts will center around how a product or item is before, and then how it looks after. This is not your standard "altered items" series though! No cookie tin or candy box redecorated for this series! This series will take commonly used products and extraordinary objects to new exciting levels, using them in unique and interesting ways!!

Don't think that today's project is any indication of how this series will be. I have to start you off slow, just to break you in! Some of the projects this week will knock your socks off! Today's post will be the most "bland" of all the series, so expect more to come! This project shows you a different way to use a common item! We start with a simple flat-backed pebble. Most people add a small stamped piece or patterned paper to the back, and then add a magnet. I "pointed" it in a different direction!

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How To:

  • Take a flat-backed pebble, mine were small in size, but you could use any size.
  • Punch out a 1/2" circle from a piece of patterned paper, stamped design, stamped letter, etc. Don't worry about how small it is, the pebble will magnify the design.
  • Apply the punched circle to the flat side of the pebble face down using Crystal Effects. Allow to dry completely or for at least 8 hours.
  • Add a drop of E6000 or other industrial strength glue to the back of the pebble. I got the E6000 glue at the home improvement store.
  • Press a thumbtack into the glue. Allow to dry 8 hours before using!

I made these and plan to make more to use on my corkboard. I thought these would be cuter than using the standard push pins. Now all I have to do is decorate my bulletin board!!

Thanks for stopping by today! Come back tomorrow for more in the Before & After series! Trust me, you will love it!


Products used in today's project:

Sending Love Designer Series Paper #117153 (only available until 4/20/2010)

1/2" circle punch #104390


Flat-backed pebbles


  1. Okay, seriously? This is a crazy-good idea! I've never seen this done, and I just love it! Off to try it out (I've got a TON of those marbles, lol)...

  2. Thanks for sharing this! It is truly awesome!


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