Saturday, March 20, 2010

Organization For Your Blog!

I came across this organization tool for your weekly blog posts, when I was swimming around The Scrap Beach. Life on a {Scrap} Beach is a community for scrapbookers, but there are tons of cards and tags too! Click to go to the site; membership is FREE.

This organization tool is basically a weekly calendar for your blog! It has space for each day of the week, a To Do box, space for ideas for Next Week, and then a box for Blog Parties. While I am not sure of what a blog party is, I used this space to remind me of a blog hop I wanted to visit. I also thought it would be a great space for more information about a project or series of blog posts. You know how I love doing a series of posts based on the same idea, which I am wanting to do, now that I have this calendar to organize my thoughts for blogging. Here is the link to the blog calendar. It is a pdf file. If you cannot open it, you will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader for FREE first. Just google it, and then download it. :)


So far, this calendar has really helped me feel more organized. I post on my blog every day, and I have tried making a list of all the projects I want to blog about, but it is hard to just do random things sometimes. And I don't do card after card after card, like many crafty bloggers who also make videos. No offense, by the way. I also do cards sometimes, but I don't focus on them.

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