Monday, February 1, 2010

Second Post Today

I am trying out a new way to blog. I want an easier way to put photos into my post, so that the text associated with the photo stays with the photo. I am using Windows Live Writer, a free tool, suggested to me by a friend. I enjoy the interface, but I am dying to see if it works with the photos. If the text is associated with the particular photo, you will know it worked and that I will be using this post creator from now on!! Please excuse the random photos and text.

First you will see a photo here. We make cookies every year for Christmas. Last year we made over 3600 cookies. It is a joint effort between my aunt, my mom, my cousin, and myself. Our daughters are all enlisted too!IMAG0006

This next photo will show you my aunt working with her mom in my mom’s kitchen. The three insane founders of this crazy cookie day were my mother, my aunt, and my aunt’s mother. My aunt’s mom has recently taken ill and is no longer able to participate. We miss her terribly!


This next photo is of cookies that are hand decorated. There are between 275-600 of these cookies every year. Children start at this table, which is how my cousin and I got started. For some reason, I never graduated from this table. I am stuck with piles and piles of presents, angels, Santas, and Christmas trees just waiting to be decorated beautifully each year. Needless to say, there are very few masterpieces with this type of art! It is very hard to be inspired when you are painting icing on the 52nd present of the day!1


Well, I hope you enjoyed this quick look into our Christmas cookie day. These are the first ever published photos, and you should notice I am not in a single one!! Thank goodness!!

Thanks for stopping by again today!


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  1. The look delicious and since I was lucky enough to get some I know they are delicious! The picture program worked great in this post! Good find! Let me know where you got it!


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