Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Craft Room...BEFORE

These are photos of my craft space...BEFORE I re-organized it this past month. I moved from a 7' x 12' room into this 11x12' room, swapping with my daughters' playroom. The only problem is that the room is carpeted, which is a magnet for inks, paints, etc. in my world. The extra space is awesome!! When I moved in, I promised that everything would have a place and be organized. When you look at the photos below, you will think that it is far from organized. Well, I knew where every thing was. It wasn't so easy to get to everything, but it was at least orderly in my mind.

I dreamed of a space that would be like those in magazines, with labeled containers that matched and were neatly stacked. I wished for room to work and room to move around without having to move 4 things to get to one.

As you will see in the photos today, those dreams were just that…dreams! The bright side is that I finally have it finished the organization! I started right after Christmas, when I spent my Christmas money on boxes! See this post for details about the boxes. You will have to come back tomorrow for the photos of my NEW AND IMPROVED craft space!!

For today, look at what I was working in, but don't feel sorry for me, because it is all better now!!

100_3544 100_3522 100_3526
100_3520 100_3521 100_3524
100_3523 100_3527 100_3528
100_3530 100_3529 100_3531
100_3532 100_3533 100_3534
100_3535 100_3536 100_3537
100_3538 100_3539 100_3540
100_3541 100_3542 100_3543
SDC10047 SDC10043 SDC10046

Thanks for stopping by today! I can’t wait for you to see the results tomorrow in my craft room!!! Stay tuned…


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  1. WOW! I can see you had some work to do! I can't wait to see what you did! Are we getting your first video tomorrow???????


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