Friday, January 29, 2010

Out of the Ordinary BIG SHOT Projects!

Today's post is part of a thread I started on Stampin' Up!'s new forum for Demonstrator's Only called Stampin' Connection! I asked ladies to talk about ways they use SU! products in unique and unusual ways, and I titled it: Out of the Oridnary Projects. We all know about boxes, cards, and scrapbooking, but what else is there?

I have shown you jewelry, tiles, and earrings this week. Other people have gone as far as making necklaces and bracelets too! I will be working on some of these projects in the future too! There are people who alter candles, tins, and other containers.

One thing I wanted to find out was more ways to use the existing Big Shot dies! We should all get our money's worth from our dies.

People have used the Top Note die to make boxes, purses, bags, cards, toppers for bags, and even faces of critters such as reindeer, snowmen, and Santa. But what about a Photo Wallet? The first photo shows a red photo wallet made from the Top Note die. This project is on my TO DO board! Photo courtesy of Amanda C.

The next two photos are of a great use for the Fancy Favor Die! The Fancy Favor die creates a small gift bag perfect for a small gift. In this instance, Sherry H. connected several of them together to create a desk organizer! How terrific is that?! Great idea, Sherry!! I have the Fancy Favor die and will be making one of these very soon. If you would like one, but you do not have the die, please contact me about ordering a Creative Kit complete with everything you need to make your own. You can even pick the colors of cardstock and the embellishments used!

The next two photos are using the Box #2 die. This idea comes from Amanda C again! She first change the orientation of the box, which usually stands tall and opens from the small side, then she added a second altered Box #2 to the inside as the rest of the "tackle box"! What a great idea! This is a project I will definitely revisit for Father's Day and for my hubby's and Daddy's B'days! Can't wait!

Next is a photo that is from Yvonne M. She used the Fancy Favor die and placed two of them together with a larger tab for a handle to make a baby gift carrier! This application can be used MANY ways! Great idea!

Finally, the last photo is one by Janet W. She used the Fancy Favor die, cut it on a slant and filled it with index cards she had stamped by hand! Terrific idea for personalized note cards! Plus she added some Jumbo Paper Clips turned into Bookmarks! These ideas are on the TO DO board too.

So, your Hot Tip for the day is to look at your Big Shot dies, everything you are about to throw away, and all your craft supplies and ask yourself, "What ELSE could I do with this?" Have fun!!
Ask me about a special customizable Big Shot Bundle available only from me!! Thanks for stopping by today.

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