Sunday, January 31, 2010

Caring for your Acrylic Blocks

Stampin' Up! has new unmounted stamps that you use with an acrylic block! This saves space, but also lets you see where you are stamping! With this new series of stamps, many people are choosing to un-mount their other SU! stamp sets. I will share some HOT TIPS with you for how to do this, plus how to care for the acrylic blocks you use for stamping.

To un-mount a wood stamp:
Peel the stamp (including the foam all as one piece) off the block. If it will not peel off, put the block in the microwave for 10 second intervals until you are able to remove it. If you have heated it for 40-50 seconds total, and it will will not come off, it is not going to. Another tip is to use a spatula to get under the foam to pull it off. Ideally you want the foam undamaged when it is removed, so you will have better stamping results in the end.
If the foam is damaged, or won't come off the block, remove the rubber from the foam. You can purchase replacement cling foam (such as EZ Mount) from craft stores and online retailers to repair the stamp.
If it comes off cleanly, you will need to place a piece of cling vinyl, which is available at the same retailer as the EZ mount.

Note: Store your unmounted stamps in CD cases or DVD cases labeled with the name of the stamp set. It is recommended that you do NOT store your unmounted stamps on acetate sheets, since the acetate and the cling vinyl will react together and bond permanently!

Caring for your Acrylic Blocks:
  • Wash the acrylic block with warm soapy water using a soft rag. Do NOT use any abrasive cleaner or scratchy cleaning products.
  • Use Stampin' Mist stamp cleaner to remove stubborn stains
  • Do NOT use alcohol or ammonia! This will cause the acrylic blocks to craze and crack over time.
  • To prevent scratching and ink damage, place a piece of cling vinyl onto the acrylic block on both sides. Once the cling vinyl gets damaged, replace it. It costs much less than replacing the entire block! Clean the cling vinyl as you would the block.
Follow these tips, and you will have acrylic blocks that last a long time and still look great!! Thanks for stopping by today.

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