Thursday, August 20, 2009

Teacher Gifts: Name Badges

Teacher gift time came around last May and I couldn't decide what to make. I sell a lot of my creations, so it is important to me to make something that the teacher's can't receive from someone else. Yet I wanted the gift to be useful and not have a single apple on it! See, as a former teacher, apples are the last things a teacher really wants on a gift.

Enter the idea for a name badge. I remember as a teacher that I hated going to conferences and getting those ugly name tags. I thought about it and decided to turn one of the name badge holders (found them at Wal-Mart) into a magnet/badge.

I glued a piece of flat magnet onto the back of the badge (don't cover the slot where you insert the ID) using E6000 glue. Use it sparingly!It will try to warp the magnet and the badge, so lay it under a heavy book for at least 24 hours. Then I decorated a piece of cardstock with the teacher's name and school (the information required for conferences and meetings) and added some patterned paper for decoration. On the back of the same cardstock I used my Cricut to cut out their initial. This way the teacher can use it as a magnet with her inital showing or as a name tag. Of couse I had to add bling and a flower! I included a bookmark and a post it note purse in the gift bag.

Hope you enjoyed this idea. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. If I had to wear a name tag for work, I would definitely buy one from you. Unfortunately it is just me and my dad. If he doesn't know my name by now...JK! Very nice!

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