Friday, June 5, 2009

The Best Tool for Glueing Small Embellishments!

Today's Post is in response to an email question I received about a QuickStik.

What is a QuikStik? It is a tool for crafters manufactured by QuicKutz and usually retails around $6.99. What's the hullabaloo? This tool makes it a cinch to poke small diecuts out of a sheet using the pointed positioner on the lid, then the pen-like barrel has a gummed tip, which helps pick even the smallest sequin, bead, punch pieces, or other small embellishment, allowing you to place it exactly where you need it to be. It can be ordered through and, as well as many other online and retail stores.

But wait, it is $7! That is almost as much as a pack of 12x12 cardstck from Stampin Up! The tool would definitely be of good use, but I can't see paying that much. What to do?

First, let's examine exactly what a QuickStik is. The QuickStik consists of two basic parts: A pen shaped Stick with a Sticky gum substance on it (apparently you have to peel this substance off frequently and squeeze/pull out some fresh sticky substance from inside), and then there is the lid, which has the function of a pointed positioner of sorts.

To make one, we will have to meet each of these functions in a accessible, but affordable way. Let's call it the "FastStik". Here's how to begin

You need a stick: (choose one)
Empty ball point pen
Craft stick (popsicle stick) sanded to a rounded point on one end and a fairly sharp point on the other
BBQ Skewer (my personal favorite)

You will need the sticky: (choose one)
ZIG 2 way Glue pen (my preference)
small piece of double sided tape
Repositionable glue (Aleene's, Tombow, or other brand)

No matter which implement "stick" you plan to use, you will need to first create a base on which to add the repositionable glue. I achieved this with hot glue, which most everyone has. Heat up the hot glue gun until almost dripping with hot glue. Apply 3-4 drops of hot glue onto a scrap piece of thick cardboard or other heat-safe surface. "Dip" the end of your chosen "stick" into the hot glue until you have a very small rounded bubble of hot glue on the end. (Note: End which you should dip: Writing tip of the ink pen, new rounded point of the craft stick, or the non-pointed end of the BBQ skewer). The size of the bubble of glue should be as small as the point of the pen or the end of the skewer/craft stick point. We do not want it much larger. Allow to cool completely. No, the hot glue is not actually going to be permanent forever. You would be able to peel it off your "stick", but it will last a LONG, LONG time for this particular purpose.

Once the hot glue bubble has cooled, apply repositionable adhesive onto this bubble. For instance, I used the ZIG 2 way glue pen and "painted" the bubble with a coat of glue, but ANY repositionable adhesive will work the same way. Even the double stick tape can be used if a very small square is placed on the end of the bubble. Prop up the stick and allow to dry over night. It will result in a tacky surface, which is exactly what you want.

Finally, for the function of the pointed positioner (the lid of the QuickStik). The sharpened end of the craft stick will serve this purpose. If you need to use both at once, prepare two "FastStiks", so you will have access to either end needed. For the BBQ skewer, again you will have the positioner on one end and the sticky on the other end, so make two if you like. As for the pen, I suggest using a toothpick as the positioner. If you would like it attached to your "FastStik", simply tape it to the top of your pen.

Like I mentioned, I used the BBQ skewer and ZIG 2 way glue pen. I fully expect to have to peel off the repositionable glue, and possibly the hot glue and repeat the process over time. However, I have been using one like a fanatic for a month now and it is still perfectly sticky! I apologize for not having a photo, we are in the middle of moving my craft space to a different room, so I can't get to ANYTHING at the moment.

I would love you hear from any of you who try this idea, and let me know if it works for you or not. If you alter it, adapt it to your needs, or make it better, let me know! I love to learn!

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